Rotary Molding Products

Weidenmiller rotary molding dies are suitable for high volume throughput for bakery production.
The rotary solutions can travel at various speeds from 8 to 22 rpm. Over the past years this technique has proven to be economically efficient handling orders of any size and efficiently producing
customer request. Our professional artist and die designers can convey your most imaginative ideas for your products.

The Weidenmiller Company utilizes quality materials, highly trained engineers, and specialized craftsman to create exceptional die rolls from start to finish. Our engravers and machinist 
are highly skilled, therefore, meeting all of your die roll requirements.

For reference view Weidenmillers design gallery and die roll portfolio for an overview of the custom-made quality products that were engineered and manufactured over the years. From die roll desigs, coatings, emboss engraving, and ensuring each die roll is created accurately and uniquely. The final configurations of your converting solutions depends on your request and needs/the required machine performance. 


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