Weidenmiller Company manfucatures 2D and 3D specialty dies in Itasca, Illinois. The Design and Die Development Group creates a precision prototype mold prior to engraving. Over 12,000 designs, shapes and configurations are accessible for marketing concepts for cookies, crackers, snacks, flat breads, dog bones, hard candies, chocolate centers and additional grain-based products.

Rotary cutting 3.png

Rotary Tools

Weidenmiller produces state of the art technology to create custom-made Rotary tools in various shapes, sizes and performances. We manufacture a Rotary cutting tool that engraves particular depths and shapes to fit each design pattern unique to the customer's request.  Crackers, pizza, flatbreads, bread sticks, toaster pastries, chips, and tacos are just some of the many goods designed by the Rotary tool.  Features

Rotary molding 4.jpg

Wire Cut - Extruding

Weidenmiller produces state of the art Wire Cutting and Extruding Tools that come in various shapes and sizes with customizable features. The Wire Cutting and Extruding Tools shape the sticky doughs by extruding dough into a custom-made structure.  This Tool is used for bases, bars, home style cookies and ribbons Special features;

Teflon coating 2.png


Weidenmiller manufactures quality-customazible Coatings to create a nonstick transferable surface.  A coating creates a clean finish for your baked good creating a no-stick environment.  

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